Registration Instructions

Registration Instructions

This year, we have two types of registrations(i) paper registration; and (ii) attendance registration. Note that if you registered a paper, you also need to register attendance if you wish to attend the conference. In that case please complete both registrations.

We have opted for this approach to, on the one hand, reflect the real cost of publishing the proceedings and, on the other hand, enable as many people as possible to attend the conference at low cost to themselves.

Fees and further information are detailed below:

Paper Registration

Paper registration $120 USD1st March 2021

Paper registration is closed.

Conference Attendance Registration

Early bird registration$30 USD1st March 1st April 2021
Late registration$60 USD2nd 7th May 2021

Registration after the deadline is still possible, but there may be a slight delay in transferring the details to the conference platform. To prevent any issues, it is recommended to register before the start of the conference.

For scholarship recipients and doctoral consortium participants, please use the link provided in the email to register to ensure you receive free registration. For regular attendants, please use the link below:

Once you have completed the registration, you should receive a confirmation email. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder. For questions/issues, contact the local chairs.

Note that tutorial participants are also required to register for the full conference. For attending workshops only see below.

Student Scholarship Winners

AAMAS 2021 runs a student scholarship scheme which provides free attendance registration for the scholarship winners. For more details, see

If you have applied for the scholarship, please wait until you receive the decision email from us before registering your attendance for the conference. However, if you are also an author and need to register your paper, please do not wait with the paper’s registration (deadline for that is 1st March 2021).

Doctorial Consortium Students

DC attendants will receive a separate email with further instructions to register for the conference. Please note that your DC paper does not have to be registered at the main conference. However, if you have an accepted paper to the main track or any of the special tracks named above (i.e., Blue Sky IdeasJAAMAS, and Demo tracks), you will need to register them by 1st March 2021.


If you are a sponsor for AAMAS 2021, please follow the instructions attached in the sponsorship email sent to you to claim your free registration.

Attending Workshops Only

While we strongly encourage workshop attendees to register for the whole conference (as the registration fees are quite low), we understand that some of you may wish to attend the workshops only. To accommodate this, the workshop-only attendance is free of charge. Use the link below to register for workshops only. If you are registering for both workshops and the main conference, or are planning to attend tutorials, please use the link for regular attendance registration above.

NOTE 1: If you have already registered for the main conference, the workshops are already included and you do to register for workshops again.

NOTE 2: The workshop registration is needed to access the conference platform (hosted by, and is used for the workshop live sessions. Some workshops will organise their own Zoom sessions. Please check the page of the relevant workshops for details.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Paper registration: Due to the nature of the proceedings publication, we cannot refund the registration fees.

Attendance registrationThere will be no refund for the attendance registration either, due to the low attendance registration fees.