Past Events

International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

The AAMAS conference series was initiated in 2002 in Bologna, Italy as a joint event comprising the 6th International Conference on Autonomous Agents (AA), the 5th International Conference on Multiagent Systems (ICMAS), and the 9th International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages (ATAL).

  19thAAMAS 2020Auckland (online)New Zealand
  18thAAMAS 2019MontrealCanada
  17thAAMAS 2018StockholmSweden
  16thAAMAS 2017São PauloBrazil
  15thAAMAS 2016Singapore
  14thAAMAS 2015IstanbulTurkey
  13thAAMAS 2014ParisFrance
  12thAAMAS 2013MinnesotaUSA
  11thAAMAS 2012ValenciaSpain
  10thAAMAS 2011TaipeiTaiwan
  9thAAMAS 2010TorontoCanada
  8thAAMAS 2009BudapestHungary
  7thAAMAS 2008EstorilPortugal
  6thAAMAS 2007Honolulu, HawaiiUSA
  5thAAMAS 2006HakodateJapan
  4thAAMAS 2005UtrechtThe Netherlands
  3rdAAMAS 2004New YorkUSA
  2ndAAMAS 2003MelbourneAustralia
  1stAAMAS 2002BolognaItaly
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