Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Note that the conference policy below remains in place for AAMAS 2021, even if it is conducted online.

IFAAMAS is committed to organising the AAMAS conference and its affiliated events in an environment (including Underline, Gather.Town, Discord, and other media that are used) that is free of harassment for everyone involved, including delegates, organisers, conference workers, and reviewers.

Some examples of harassment are:

  • inappropriate comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion;
  • the use of inappropriate imagery in the conference environment (e.g., the use of sexual imagery in talks or in posters);
  • intimidation, stalking, following, unwelcome physical or virtual contact, and unwelcome sexual attention;
  • the use of overly aggressive or intimidating behaviour or language.

All participants in IFAAMAS events are asked to embrace our intention to foster a harassment-free scientific community, and to understand that IFAAMAS will respond appropriately to incidents of harassment if they occur.

If you are the victim of harassment

If you feel you are the victim of harassment at AAMAS 2021 or one of its affiliated events, or notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other related concerns, then please immediately contact either:

The above named officers are committed to treat any matter raised confidentially, act appropriately and fairly to deal with incidents of harassment, and above all, ensure the personal safety and well-being of all attendees.