Call for Data Visualisations

Call for Data Visualisations

We invite all members of the AAMAS community to contribute interesting visualisations of the data we collected regarding the topics authors chose to classify the papers they submitted to the main track of the conference. Everyone is welcome to participate.

We are looking forward to receiving submissions that can provide new insights into the complex internal structure of the research area served by the conference. We also are looking forward to getting to see some beautiful pictures as well as some serious artwork!

Your visualisation will be exhibited in the Online Gallery in our virtual meeting space (hosted on for the entire duration of the conference.

The submission deadline for contributors is Friday, 16 April 2021 (end of day, anywhere on Earth).

The Data

Every author who submitted a paper to the main track of AAMAS-2021 had to select one area of interest (from a list of 10) and any number of research topics (from a list of 79). We are making this data available, in anonymised form, for 609 of the submissions (namely all those that were reviewed by the programme committee and that were not withdrawn by the authors before the notification date):

Note that in the submission system, each of the 79 topics was associated with exactly one of the areas (see area-topic.csv), but authors were not required to (and often did not) respect this classification. Your visualisation may focus on topics alone or take both topics and areas into account.

Submission Instructions

We ask you to submit the following documents:

  • A single image of your visualisation in either JPG or PNG format that conforms to the following specifications: landscape orientation, at least 1,000 pixels wide, at least 600 pixels high, no transparent background, file size of at most 3MB. This is the image that will be displayed in the gallery. It should show the names of the authors.
  • A PDF document (also in landscape format) of one or two pages. The first page should be a high-quality rendering of your image. On the optional second page you can include additional information (e.g., a description of what one can see in the image, how you did this, what else you did, etc.).
  • Optional: A link to a webpage with more information and/or extra material (e.g., additional visualisations, animations, etc.). Submit this link in the form of a plain text file.

Please submit your visualition here:

AAMAS-2021 Visualisation Submission Form

Please note that EasyChair requires you to include a title, abstract, and three keywords. Simply make any reasonable choices here (the details don’t matter).


If you have any questions, please feel free to write to Ulle Endriss.