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Autonomous Agents for Social GoodAASGAmulya Yadav, Vipin Kumar, Sanmay Das and Yevgeniy Vorobeychik3rd May
Adaptive and Learning AgentsALAConor F Hayes, Roxana Rădulescu, Diederik M Roijers, Fernando P Santos and Felipe Leno da Silva3rd-4th May
Agent-Based Modelling of Urban SystemsABMUSMinh Kieu, Koen Van Dam, Jason Thompson, Nicolas Malleson, Alison Heppenstall and Jiaqi Ge4th May
Autonomous Robots and Multirobot SystemsARMSFrancesco Amigoni and Noa Agmon4th May
Agents Applied in HealthcareA2HCSara Montagna, Stefano Mariani and Michael Ignaz Schumacher4th May
Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, Norms and Ethics for Governance of Multi-Agent SystemsCOINEAndreas Theodorou, Marina De Vos and Juan Carlos Nieves3rd May
Engineering Multi-Agent SystemsEMASNatasha Alechina, Matteo Baldoni and Brian Logan3rd-4th May
EXplainable and TRAnsparent AI and Multi-Agent SystemsEXTRAAMASDavide Calvaresi, Amro Najjar, Kary Framling and Michael Winikoff3rd-4th May
Games, Agents, and IncentivesGAIWHaris Aziz, Sofia Ceppi, John P. Dickerson, Hadi Hosseini, Omer Lev, Nicholas Mattei, Duncan Mcelfresh and Yair Zick4th May
Logical Aspects of Multi-agent Systems & Strategic ReasoningLAMAS & SRBastien Maubert and Giuseppe Perelli3rd-4th May
Multi-Agent-Based SimulationMABSKoen Van Dam and Nicolas Verstaevel4th May
Optimization and Learning in Multi-Agent SystemsOptLearnMASFerdinando Fioretto, Amulya Yadav, Gauthier Picard and Bryan Wilder4th May
Trust in Agent SocietiesTRUSTJie Zhang, Rino Falcone and Dongxia Wang3rd May


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