Call for Pictures

Call for Pictures

Dear AAMAS Community,

This year is the 20th anniversary of the first AAMAS conference, held in Bologna in 2002. It is a  tremendous achievement for our community. We would like to celebrate  this occasion even in these difficult times. To do so we would like to  collect and share some of your best memories of AAMAS.

We  would like to invite you to submit your favourite picture of one of the  AAMAS conferences. We will install a space in Gather.Town during the  AAMAS conference exposing pictures or other  memories. Hopefully that will give us a nice informal overview of all  these years we have come together as a community. 

Submission Instructions

You can submit your pictures until May 1. In order to submit a picture make sure it is in jpg format and submit it through the following easychair account:

AAMAS-2021 Picture Submission

  • As the title of the submission please indicate:
    • Year the picture is from
    • Event it was from (dinner, presentation, panel,…)
  • In  the abstract please indicate in a few words why you think the picture  is important to you and why it depicts AAMAS particularly well.
  • You  also have to provide three keywords. Note that you cannot use the year  of the picture here, because keywords need to be letters.

We  will only be able to display pictures taken in public places, i.e., in  the conference venue (talks or discussions) or related occasions  (banquets, social events), restaurants, parks, etc.

Please  use some discretion on the pictures you submit and consider whether  anyone in the picture would prefer the picture not to be shown. We will  display all pictures that we believe will  bring a smile and a touch of happiness to everyone, including the  people depicted in them.

Frank & Alessio
General Chairs