Doctoral Consortium Programme

Doctoral Consortium Programme

Accepted Papers

Exploring the Relationship Between Social Choice and Machine Learning
Ben Armstrong

Understanding the Role of Inequality in Creating and Sustaining the Alcohol Harm Paradox using Agent-Based Modelling
Jennifer Boyd

Computing Desirable Outcomes in Specific Multi-Agent Scenarios
Martin Bullinger

Multi-Agent Ranked Delegations in Voting
Rachael Colley

Learning Realistic and Safe Pedestrian Behavior by Imitation
José Aleixo Cruz

Reward-Sharing Relational Networks in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning as a Framework for Emergent Behavior
Hossein Haeri

Impact of Recommender Systems on the Dynamics of Users’ Choices
Naieme Hazrati

Software Engineering Methods for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
Zahoor Ul Islam

Leveraging Social Interactions in Human-Agent Decision-Making
Ji Hyun Jeong

Balancing Fairness, Efficiency and Strategy-Proofness in Voting and Facility Location Problems
Alexander Lam

Intention-Aware Human-Robot Collaborative Design
Matthew Law

Non-manipulability in Set-valued and Probabilistic Social Choice Theory
Patrick Lederer

Modelling Trust in Human-AI Interaction
Siddharth Mehrotra

Simulating Realistic Pedestrian Behaviors in the Context of Autonomous Vehicles in Shared Spaces
Manon Prédhumeau

Exploiting Hidden Convexities for Real-time and Reliable Optimization Algorithms for Challenging Motion Planning and Control Applications
Fatemeh Rastgar

Adaptable and Verifiable BDI Reasoning
Peter Stringer

Improving Sample-based Reinforcement Learning through Complex Non-parametric Distributions
Shi Yuan Tang

A Concurrent Language for Negotiation and Debate with Argumentation: Extended Abstract
Carlo Taticchi

Computing using Samples: Theoretical Guarantees with the Direct Learning Approach
Vignesh Viswanathan

Inducing Rules about Distributed Robotic Systems for Fault Detection & Diagnosis
Youssef Mahmoud Youssef

Design and Analysis of Networks under Strategic Behavior
Sixie Yu

Mechanism Design in Facility Location Games
Mengqi Zhang

Doctoral Consortium Programme Committee (Reviewers)

Haris AzizUNSW
Edith ElkindUniversity of Oxford
Lirong XiaRPI
Reshef MeirTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Jérôme LangUniversité Paris-Dauphine
Amy GreenwaldBrown University
Kate LarsonUniversity of Waterloo
Makoto YokooKyushu University
Fei FangCMU
Bo AnNanyang Technological University
Arunesh SinhaSingapore Management University
Silvia SchiaffinoUNICEN
Maria GiniUniversity of Minnesota
Sven KoenigUSC
Christopher AmatoNortheastern University
Francesco AmigoniPolitecnico di Milano
William YeohWashington University in St. Louis
Wamberto VasconcelosUniversity of Aberdeen
Michael LuckKing’s College London
François SchwarzentruberENS Rennes
Dominique LonginCNRS
Son TranNew Mexico State University
Paolo TorroniUniversity of Bologna
Stephen GuyUniversity of Minnesota
Bo LiUniversity of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Matthew TaylorUniversity of Alberta
Christopher FrantzNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Francesco RicciFree University of Bozen-Bolzano
Ofer ArieliThe Academic College of Tel-Aviv
Célia PereiraUniversité de Nice Sophia Antipolis
Samarth SwarupUniversity of Virginia
Sandip SenUniversity of Tulsa
Matteo BaldoniUniversità degli Studi di Torino
Simon ParsonsKing’s College London
Sebastian SardinaRMIT University
Gita SukthankarUniversity of Central Florida
Mohan SridharanUniversity of Birmingham