Programme Outline

Programme Outline

The conference will run from Monday, the 3rd of May to Friday the 7th of May 2021.

Several days before the start of the conference you will be able to access all papers in the proceedings and watch the pre-recorded videos of the contributed talks for full papers in the main track, papers in the Blue Sky Ideas track, and papers in the JAAMAS track. You will have the option of posting questions to these videos, which the authors will be able to address later on, during live paper discussion sessions. You already now can find a list of all accepted papers on this website.

The first two days of the conference will be dedicated to workshops, tutorials, and the doctoral consortium. You will find a schedule for the tutorials and the list of doctoral consortium contributions on the pages linked to above. The individual workshops will publicise their programmes in April.

The main conference will run from Wednesday to Friday and be dedicated to live discussions of papers, poster and demo sessions, keynote talks, and a panel session themed “20 Years of AAMAS”. We will conclude the conference with a community meeting.

Keynote talks will be delivered by Cynthia Breazeal, Noam Brown, Vincent Conitzer, Orna Kupferman, and Shimon Whiteson. The panelists are Maria Gini, Victor Lesser, Michael Luck, Ana Paiva, Jaime Sichman, and Pradeep Varakantham. Keynote talks and the panel will take place live, with the opportunity to ask questions through a chat interface. These events will also be recorded for participants who are unable to attend live.

Each of the three main conference days will have the same basic structure:




8:30-8:45amOpening Session
9:00-10:15amParallel Paper SessionsParallel Paper SessionsParallel Paper Sessions
10:30-11:30amPoster/Demo Session &
Informal Discussions
Poster/Demo Session &
Plenary: Shimon Whiteson
Poster/Demo Session &
Informal Discussions
2:45-3:45pmPlenary: Vincent ConitzerPanel “20 Years of AAMAS”Plenary: Noam Brown
4:00-5:15pmParallel Paper SessionsParallel Paper SessionsParallel Paper Sessions
5:30-6:30pmPoster/Demo Session &
Plenary: Orna Kupferman
Poster/Demo Session &
Plenary: Cynthia Breazeal
Closing Session &
Community Meeting (open end)
7:00-8:00pm Informal DiscussionsSocial Event

All of the times mentioned above refer to London time (British Summer Time, GMT+1). Thus, the morning sessions will take place in the afternoon or evening for participants based in Asia, and the afternoon sessions will take place in the morning for participants based in the Americas.

In each slot labelled parallel paper sessions we will have around six live sessions running in parallel during which the authors of papers presented by means of pre-recorded videos can answer questions. This includes questions posted earlier to the videos, as well as questions that arise during the session itself. Each session will accommodate (up to) five such papers and be chaired by a senior member of our community. Authors will be asked to start with a 1-2 minute recap of their contribution (using at most one slide).

Each of the five poster/demo sessions we will take place in a virtual meeting space ( Participants will be able to walk up to a poster or demo and interact with the authors. All authors of extended abstract in the main track as well as of demo papers will have the choice of presenting at either one or two of these sessions.

The programme also includes several small-scale informal discussion sessions on specific topics, which will be organised in our virtual meeting space ( We soon are going to announce the people who will be hosting these discussions.

None of the paper sessions, poster/demo sessions, or informal discussion sessions will be recorded.